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About Us

About Us

Bizzcoinhub website gives users information about various advantages of BizzCoin and its eco-system. BizzTrade has launched BizzCoin with a vision to create a fully-functional eco-system to provide increased usability to its users.
Our Solution

To create fully functional eco-system

Our Vision

Empowering people to use a single currency for diverse payments as well as trading

Eco system

Crypto powered eco system comprising bizzwallet, bizzmart, bizztravel, bizzexchange

New Standards

Bizzcoin will allow accelerated transactions and lower transaction fees

Q1 2020
Future is Now
ICO Launch - BizzWallets - BizzExchange - BizzMart - BizzTravel
Q2 2020
The Next Step
BizzPos BizzAtm
Q3 2020
New Technology
Q4 2020
Moving Forward
Q1 2021