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About Us

About Us

Bizzcoinhub website gives users information about various advantages of BizzCoin and its eco-system. BizzTrade has launched BizzCoin with a vision to create a fully-functional eco-system to provide increased usability to its users.
About Us 1
Our Solution

To create fully functional eco-system

About Us 2
Our Vision

Empowering people to use a single currency for diverse payments as well as trading

Eco system

Crypto powered eco system comprising bizzwallet, bizzmart, bizztravel, bizzexchange

About Us 3
New Standards

Bizzcoin will allow accelerated transactions and lower transaction fees

Q1 2020
Future is Now
ICO Launch - BizzWallets - BizzExchange - BizzMart - BizzTravel
Q2 2020
The Next Step
BizzPos BizzAtm
Q3 2020
New Technology
Q4 2020
Moving Forward
Q1 2021
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