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Bitcoin Vs BizzCoin: Which Will Dominate 2020?

Bitcoin Versus BizzCoin: Which Cryptocurrency Will Dominate 2020?

Right from professional economists to causal bloggers, everyone who knows something about cryptocurrencies has been comparing different digital coins among each other. It’s no surprise that Bitcoin almost always emerges victorious due to its pioneer benefits, advancing technologies, and the introduction of new coins on the market might be changing things. 

To check how relevant and updated Bitcoin is with the introduction and possibilities of today’s technology, we have compared this poster-child of cryptocurrencies with a newly launched digital coin; BizzCoin

Given the fact that it has been over a decade since Bitcoin launched, the monetary value of BizzCoin is lesser. However, to make a fair comparison, we have focused on more literal aspects of the coins like specifications, user accessibility and growth potential. 


Let’s begin our comparison with the specifications, We will compare Bitcoin versus Bizzcoin for this section. 

Block Production & Recommended Confirmation Time 

Compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes, Bizzcoin takes a whopping 15 seconds for block production and recommended confirmation. 

Worse Case For Confirmation 

In the event of certain challenges, the worse case confirmation take for Bitcoin goes up to 1 hour, however, BizzCoin still maintains a lower 1 minute time, making it more preferable. 

Transaction Load 

The transaction load for Bitcoin is 4 tps, and giving it a great competition is BizzCoin with 15tps. 

Transaction Fees Cost 

The average transaction fee cost for Bitcoin is at 0.001, whereas BizzCoin takes an average of about 0.0005. 

It goes without saying that BizzCoin is the clear winner when it comes to the specifications. 

User Applications

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched in 2009, with its sole focus being transferring value using cryptographic principles. In simpler terms, the aim was to replace physical money. However, with advancing technology, many other coins were introduced with slightly different approached, like Ethereum that aims to use the blockchain to store computer codes to power tamper-proof decentralized financial contracts and applications. However, Bitcoin stayed true to its initial aim. BizzCoin, similar to Bitcoin, aims to replicate the purpose of physical money in people’s life. 

So, the first comparison is based on how users can use make use of their respective cryptocurrencies. 

Upon analysis, we found that you can purchase a plethora of products using these coin, online and even in some physical stores. These products include shoes, food, coffee, a-z products from Amazon, and many more! Whoever said cryptocurrencies are restricted to trading! However, what makes BizzCoin better is its one-stop-shop called BizzMart, which allows you to purchase gift vouchers for some of the world’s biggest brands. 

Besides this, both the coins have ATMs, which allows you to instantly cash-out your cryptocurrency. This is highly beneficial in foreign countries, as you don’t need to worry about converting your cash into the local currency. BizzCoin, however, provides BizzATM, that allows seamless and quick transactions with a minimal transaction fee. 

Lastly, there is the possibility to book your travel tickets using your digital coins. While both currencies partnered with multiple airlines, BizzCoin offers a 10% discount on every flight ticket you purchase, making it a crowd favourite for sure! 

Growth Potential 

Bitcoin has been dominating the cryptocurrency market for several years now. However, with constantly evolving technology, the question remains, is Bitcoin doing enough to stay relevant? The blockchain is far from perfect, and hence multiple updates are being made to the entire system regularly. That being said, what other added benefits do these cryptocurrencies provide? 

Unfortunately, as of now, no new additions are being made to the Bitcoin community. However, BizzCoin sure has a lot up its sleeve. Some of the yet-to-launch services like BizzRemittance, BizzMasterNodes and BizzSocialTrading, BizzCoins parent company BizzTrade is aiming to create a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem with the maximum use of the latest technology. Hence, even though BizzCoin is newly launched, it has huge growth potential with its host or services. 

In conclusion, while Bitcoin is still the reigning master of the cryptocurrency world, people are always on the look-out of something new. Ethereuem is a huge example of this as they launched with a different aim and focus and managed to kick Litecoin out of the race of the top cryptocurrencies. So while Bitcoin started the revolution of the digital payments in 2009, BizzCoin is here to take it to the next level. To know more about this cryptocurrency, click here now! 

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