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How Does BizzCoin Escrow Reward Work 1

How Does BizzCoin Escrow Reward Work

How Does Escrow Reward Work?

To better explain exactly how the escrow wallet concept works, consider this example: 

Step 1: Login to your Bizz account, select escrow wallet from the menu on the left bar

Step 2: Select the wallet from which you want to put your coins into escrow i.e Profit wallet or Commission wallet

Step 3: Enter the number of BizzCoins you want to put in the escrow wallet 

Step 4: Confirm the details and submit 

These crypto escrow services work on a blockchain, so you can rest assured your data will too be secure.

By depositing your BizzCoin into the escrow wallet for 365 days, you get rewarded extra 50% when the coins are released after the lock in period.

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