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BizzCoin Projection By 2025: Everything You Need To Know 1

BizzCoin Projection By 2025: Everything You Need To Know

BizzCoin Eco-System Projection By 2025

Over a decade ago, the way the world conducts transactions underwent a revolution in the form of the first-ever cryptocurrency. Today, cryptocurrencies have come a long way, especially in terms of what users could do with their coins back then and now. 

Starting with just one, there are over 50,000 cryptocurrencies in the market right now and the number just keeps growing. However, there are a few currencies that bring technology that is so advanced, which entirely revolutionises the industry. 56

Launched in 2020, BizzCoin is one such crypto coin that has severely impacted the entire industry by providing users with more benefits of using this form of payment. 

In just a few months, the demand for BizzCoin has grown, with the current cost of the currency being 0.62 EUR. 

But, why has this cryptocurrency made such a mark in the decade-old industry? Here are some of the unique features offered by BizzCoin that will shed some light on the overwhelming success of the coin and what projections have been made for 2025. 

The Bizz Ecosystem



Cryptocurrency shopping- bizzmartdirect.com | Bizzcoinhub














Imagine using your cryptocurrency to shop on an online platform. With the cryptocurrency market on the rise, there are many changes that have resulted in the evolution of this niche. One of the major changes is the ability to use cryptocurrencies in daily transactions. Needless to say, this feature has become extremely popular among users, so much so that a latest study shows an average of 1000+ transactions using cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. 

BizzMart is one such platform, wherein customers can use BizzCoin to shop from some of the largest brands in the world through the global e-commerce portal.

This platform diminishes borders of the world when it comes to shopping, as customers can freely shop from brands around the world, without dealing with hassles of currency conversions, by using BizzCoins. 

Additionally, shopping on this platform is extremely secure as customers don’t need to share any personal information to complete the transaction. 

Using BizzMart, customers can purchase products from a host of brands, including H&M, Adidas, and Amazon. And, they don’t need to worry about the delivery of their order as the platform gives you the option to track the order in real-time. 

Backed by these benefits and the continuous increase and popularity of using cryptocurrencies to make purchases, it is projected that by 2025, BizzMart will have 1 million active users. 



cryptocurrency travel | bizztravel | bizzcoin | bizzcoinhub















Another trend that is on the rise in the cryptocurrency niche is booking flight tickets with cryptocurrencies. In fact, a popular travel site reported a 205% jump in bookings after providing the option to pay through cryptos, with 60% of the total bookings being paid by cryptocurrencies. 

Hence, there’s no doubt that many people want to book their flight tickets and plan their holidays with cryptocurrencies. Seeing this potential and the growth opportunities, we have launched BizzTravel, an all-in-one travel booking platform.

BizzTravel provides customers with a great opportunity to book their flights, hotels, and entire holidays with their cryptocurrencies. To provide customers with proper exposure and options, BizzTravel partnered with about 500 different airlines, while giving you the option to compare flight timings, prices and other aspects that ensures they are able to choose the best flight to match their requirements. 

Moreover, BizzTravel has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the security and privacy of their customers aren’t breached as they ensure that customer data is not tracked nor stored, and they don’t even ask for any extensive personal information. 

An added bonus to using this platform is that BizzTravel offers a 10% discount on any flight that they book from the platform using BizzCoins. 

With all these benefits, and considering the increasing popularity of travel with cryptocurrencies, it is projected that BizzTravel will have over 500k users by 2025. 


BizzGaming – BizzCo

BizzCoin Projection By 2025: Everything You Need To Know 2














The global gaming industry has reached $143 billion by 2020 and the impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is overwhelming. In fact, this was a hot topic during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) that took place in San Francisco, wherein the 28,000 professionals discussed the impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the gaming industry. 

Taking advantage of this remunerative niche in the cryptocurrency industry, BizzCo is the latest game to have revolutionized the gaming industry. Now, customers can earn BizzCoins by excelling in games that they can play on their devices. BizzCo is live on iOS and Android app stores, so, start playing 

and start earning today! 

Due to the benefits that BizzCo provides in addition to the huge industry, it is predicted that the game will have over 1 million active users by 2025.


BizzPOS – BizzCoin Merchant Solution

Bizzcoin crytocurrency pos














The crypto POS system has quickly become a dream come true for merchants. A study published by the RIS News stated that merchants ranked the importance of POS to deliver frictionless functions at 7.8 on a scale of 10 and a 7.5 on a scale of 10 to improve the shopping experience for customers. 

Moreover, the usage of POS continues to grow as the study further revealed that 29% of retailers will begin a POS upgrade within the year and 26% will upgrade in 2-4 years. 

While the POS system is at its peak, we believe that we can provide some valuable features to better the process. Serving as an advanced gateway, BizzCoin’s Point of Sale (PoS) allows customers to pay for products or services using BizzCoin tokens. In an attempt to empower small business and large enterprises, merchants can use this payment solution without the need to pay any high fees. 

The POS System is primarily developed for business and individuals who need to make cross-border payments for products or services. The use of BizzCoin will make this transaction cost-efficient and transparent and will eliminate the need for the buyer to convert their national currency to match the supplier’s currency. 

Owing to the benefits our POS system provides and the massive potential for growth and popularity, it is projected that the POS system will have 50k users by 2025. 


BizzATM – Cash out-Cash In

BizzCoin Projection By 2025: Everything You Need To Know 3














The cryptocurrency market is constantly on a rise and now that customers can use these tokens as fiat cash to make daily transactions, ATMs were bound to follow. As of now, there are only virtual ATMs that allow users to buy or sell their coins virtually. However, the concept is a super hit among users as there are already 6,674 crypto ATMs worldwide. 

Taking a step forward, BizzTrade has launched the BizzATM, which allows customers to use their BizzCoins like never before. Through this ATM, customers can purchase and deposit their BIZZ tokens in exchange for fiat currency. 

There’s no doubt that the convenience and features this service provides will surely be a success among customers and hence the projection for BizzATM users by 2025 is 100k users. 

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