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Top 4 Must Know Cryptocurrency Terminologies  Over time, each industry develops its own terminology, creating certain terms and a specific language that isn't always self-explaining. To a newcomer to a business or sector, this can be a huge challenge, particularly as they come across words and acronyms

How Blockchain Technology Works In the past decade, if you’ve been well-versed in the banking, investment or cryptocurrency world, you’re probably familiar or have heard of the term ‘blockchain.’ It is known as the record-keeping technology responsible for the cryptocurrency network.  The entire point of utilizing a

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Facts You Must Know Historically, no asset has been a more prominent creator of long-term money than the stock market. Over a period, stocks have produced a 7% annualized return, which includes the dividend reinvestment and is modified for inflation. This implies an

Although more than a decade old, the digital currency aspect is continually changing, with several tokens being untested as a means of exchange, and users should be cautious to weigh their benefits and risks. That said, Bizzcoin, the latest and most advanced Cryptocurrency is created to

How Does Escrow Reward Work? To better explain exactly how the escrow wallet concept works, consider this example:  Step 1: Login to your Bizz account, select escrow wallet from the menu on the left bar Step 2: Select the wallet from which you want to put your coins

Digital Currencies Vs Crypto Currencies It's a common notion that digital currencies and cryptocurrencies are the same, however, that is far from the truth.  While both are competing to replace physical money, there are a couple of prominent changes between both the currencies. In this article, we

Cryptocurrency is the tomorrow of the commercial world, and despite the disagreements and myths circling this technology, it only continues to expand in popularity. For a currency to work, it’s not sufficient for it to merely exist, there need to be several uses for it.

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