BizzCoin Takes The Cryptocurrency Market By A Storm

BizzCoin Takes The Cryptocurrency Market By A Storm

With the digital era at its prime, new technologies are emerging on a daily basis, especially in the online payments niche. One such payment option is cryptocurrencies. And, the latest buzz that has taken this market by a storm is the introduction of a brand new digital coin; BizzCoins.

Launched on 7th March at a private sale price point of .20€ and public price point of .30€, the price of BizzCoin just within a few weeks has risen to .38€, as of 17th April 2020.

Along with this, this revolutionary coin has been listed among the top five cryptocurrency exchange by volume platform known as Bilaxy, within 15 days since its launch. Due to its unprecedented growth, the coin is likely to get listed in more exchanges soon.

Moreover, the coin has truly broken all bounds as, despite its young age, BizzCoin has managed to get listed at CoinMarketCap, one of the largest listing coin companies, which is no easy feat.

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