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Everything To Know About Cryptocurrency Point of Sale (POS)

Everything To Know About Cryptocurrency Point of Sale (POS)

We are living in a technological era, with technology playing a major role in every aspect of our lives. Cryptocurrencies are arguably the poster child for this era as it marked a major revolution in our perception of money and trading. 

Very few people haven’t heard of cryptocurrencies. That being said, while many are aware of what cryptocurrencies are, most may not be aware of its Point of Sale (POS) system. However, arguably, POS is a huge benefit when it comes to this digital form of payment. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to make the most of this cryptocurrency. 

What Is Cryptocurrency Point of Sale (POS)? 

Cryptocurrency Point of Sale Terminals allows merchants to receive payments from their consumers through an integrated point of sale terminal which can process cryptocurrency transactions. The use of Cryptocurrency point of sale terminals is frequently gaining ground in various economies. This expansion is momentum associated with several factors. One of these factors is that cryptocurrencies are global in nature and thus not below the control of any specific government.

Advantages Of Cryptocurrency Point of Sale Terminals

Inability to reverse transactions

It is difficult for a person to reverse a cryptocurrency transaction after it has been completed. This is beneficial to merchants who have experienced losses after dishonest customers reverse legitimate transactions which occurred using the normal credit card and mobile-wallet money system.

Global Currency

Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any specific government. Its value is thus determined by the users of such currency. Merchants who accept this currency will thus have an option of using the acquired crypto coins to purchase different products from international companies which accept cryptocurrencies. 

An Outlet To Spend Your Crypto Coins

Cryptocurrency Point of Sale Terminals will provide cryptocurrency users with an avenue where they can spend their earned digital currencies to buy goods and services. It will thus increase the convenience of the crypto users since they will be able to utilize these currencies in the same way they use fiat currencies. Moreover, with the recently launched BizzCoins eco-system, users have the benefit to encash their cryptocurrency in the local currency as well! 

Cryptocurrency Point of Sale (POS) Providers 


This cryptocurrency transaction processor provides both land-based cryptocurrency POS solution and also e-commerce solution. The only drawback with this processor is that it only supports US banks as a source of funding.


This company offers a point of sale for both online and offline systems. It has options for merchants to accept bitcoins, fiat currency or a mix of both.


This processor does not have country limitations but works internationally. Its soft-touch POS software supports the Bitpay extension thus making it possible to integrate Bitcoin payment within the fiat-based POS system. 


 BitXatm company offers Cryptocurrency point of sale solutions through Sumo Pro system. Not only does this software offer POS services but also has cryptocurrency ATM capabilities. Thus users who need both cryptocurrency ATM services and POS services will have a one-stop solution if they choose this payment processor.


Recently launched, BizzCoin’s POS service is arguably the best and most advanced on the market as it allows users to encash their cryptocurrency in the local currency. This is especially great when it comes to travelling as you never need to worry about currency exchange rates again! Moreover, the POS system of BizzCoin empowers all types of businesses, from small scale to large scale, as they can make use of cryptocurrency for transactions, without worrying about high fees. Also, one a business gets paid with a BizzCoin, they have the option to liquidate their tokens with other cryptocurrencies through their merchant account. This allows seamless transactions through your preferred cryptocurrency. One can download the BizzCoin POS app from App Store and Google Play.


To know more about BizzCoins and how you can make use of its one-of-a-kind POS system, click here now

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