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InfiPay: The Intelligent Payment Solution

InfiPay: The Intelligent Payment Solution

One of the biggest benefits of cryptocurrencies is their ability to allow a common man to forgo all the challenges and long processes that come with bank-centred finance.

Without any of the intervention of a central bank or other conventional investment firms, blockchain-powered virtual currencies, or cryptocurrencies, have the enormous potential to impact the financial market that they can claim and use.

All monetary money in the system today is held by the legal authority of the corresponding currency’s centralized and commercial banks, apart from cash that is in the hands of individuals. The bank is liable to the depositor but may use the money of the depositor also as a loan to offer to another person.

Through cryptocurrencies, funds are held by people holding the keys-a basic distinction between crypto banking and traditional banking. Crypto transactions are revolutionised by the technology that helps strengthen cryptocurrencies, the distributed consensus ledger (DCL).

Without using a central repository, it offers detailed and reliable transaction records. This builds the course for peer-to-peer transactions, rendering obsolete the roles of third parties.

With an attempt to leverage the benefits of Cryptocurrencies, BizzCoin, the smartest cryptocurrency has launched an entire ecosystem of solutions that act as the perfect alternative to banking solutions.
It consists of BizzCoin wallet, trading network, point of sale network, and more, to substitute flat currency efficiently while enabling consumers to leverage crypto control in all styles of transactions, from financial transactions to foreign money transfer to trading.

With this aim, BizzCoin has launched infiPay, your trusted Crypto Bank, which will help with all your banking needs.

InfiPay: BizzCoin Crypto Bank

Around 3 billion people in the world are unbanked, thereby unable to invest, save, or borrow their money safely. The entry barriers to conventional financial institutions are probably too high for low-income individuals residing in developing nations. Unbanked people are entirely dependent on physical flat currencies without even a bank account, which can be dangerous to store directly and difficult to handle.

Their accessibility to insurance and loans is still restricted without a financial background, making it difficult for these people to launch companies or even purchase a house.
BizzCoin aims to extend its service to provide extensive crypto banking services to introduce economic growth to the world’s 3 billion unbanked and underbanked people, enabling them with convenient access to funding.

BizzCoin Bank will have all-inclusive finance and banking solutions, from alternatives for asset management to lending to peer-to-peer trading and more.


The Features of InfiPay Bank

Personal & Business Acc with IBAN Number

In locating conventional banks that support cryptocurrency deposits, we understand the existing constraints and we exist as a digital solution to cryptocurrency bank accounts. Hence, we provide the perfect money management strategy to provide a daily business bank account in the company’s name with its own IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

Visa and Mastercard

Mastercard and Visa, the largest major payment firms, have taken steps to accelerate blockchain payment processing service by opening up new opportunities for customers across the globe.

Payment Remittance

It is possible to trade and monitor asset and currency movements across borders using infiPay. It substitutes conventional systems such as SWIFT and blockchain payment gateways to allow cost-effective, immediate and auditable remittance transaction platforms.

Lending Platform

In order to get liquid currency, you do not have to sell your crypto. We convert your digital assets into something tangible, like USD, Euros and other fiat currencies that you can use right away.


Why Choose infiPay

infiPay is the most sought after crypto-friendly bank that not only offers fast payment options but also allows you to save money on various retail and investment banking activities.

Peer to Peer Payment Network
Operate Throughout the World
High-Speed International Transfer
Minimum Currency Exchange Fee
Complete Anonymity
Fully KYC and AML compliant

So, use infiPay and start banking the ‘BizzCoin Way’ for simple, yet secure banking and financial processes.