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The Story of Secret Phrases: Recovery & Mnemonic

The Story of Recovery Phrase Wallet: 12 Words Mnemonic

You will obtain a random collection of 12  words upon beginning your use of the bizzcoin wallet. This is considered as the Recovery Phrase. It is a critical factor in the use of a wallet and should be held protected and offline throughout time. We’re going to have a more in-depth look at Recovery Phrases in this post. 

The Recovery Phrase Purpose

With using a crypto wallet, recovery phrases, also recognized as Seed Phrases, are entirely essential. If the Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S or Mobile device becomes inaccessible (theft or devastation) for some cause, you have not lost your valuable crypto-currencies. Your 12 words act as a reference to all of your device’s managed cryptographic assets. 

Let’s assume that your device has been lost and you want your crypto assets to be reassessed. You download Bizzcoin wallet and can start using the same wallet address. You will have the option of selecting ‘Restore from Recovery Phrase’ when creating your new device. Your app will open you up to precisely the very same address as now after having accurately inserted all of your 12 words!

How Does A Recovery Phrase Work?

You could see the recovery phrase as a key card from which each application on your Ledger system uses to measure the encryption information. This implies that the measurement of the private keys will still have the same outcome as long as your recovery phrase will be the same. Here you may read more of how programs for each cryptocurrency measure the private keys. 

There is a separate list of words which can be a part of the recovery phase, as you may have expected. In this set, that is also alluded to as the BIP-39 Word List, a maximum of 2048 words occur. The filled range of available words can be found here. 

If you’re worried anyone could guess your particular 12 word package, don’t worry. There is a huge total of potential combinations of 115,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269,984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,639,936. 

Although you could be provided with your recovery phrase as a series of phrases, they translate directly into a long chain of data that looks something like an address from a cryptocurrency. These are displayed as humanly understandable words for your ease.

The Ultimate Importance of recovery phrase wallet : Keep It Private, Keep It Protected

Your 12-word recovery phrase is a reference to all of your crypto properties, as stated in the beginning. This also implies that they will control your cryptocurrencies if someone else can get their eyes on your 12-word collection. Even so, holding the recovery phrase safe is exceptionally essential. This will assist you with the following steps: 

  • Never share with others your 12-word recovery term, not even with Ledger. Even, we would never query for it.  
  • Just keep the recovery phrase on a sheet of reference paper or metal backup. 
  • Just type your 12 words into secure BizzCoin wallet 

Helping ensure these easy rules are followed will hopefully maintain your crypto safe. To make you realize and follow regular phishing attacks, we also suggest reading this post, which also provides helpful tips to secure your crypto assets against them. 

Multiple Checking of the recovery phrase

In addition to keeping the recovery term safe, it is vitally valuable that you have your 12 words correctly written down. Any spelling or word order error will lead to the generation of a new collection of addresses, and not those on which you placed your cryptocurrencies. 

Wallet has created a dedicated programme to verify if the recovery phrase you wrote down fits the one your computer is actually set up with: the Recovery Verify app, in order to lend a hand with this. In order to ensure that it is well written down, we also make you enter the correct 12 words during your system initialization process.

Bigger Than Ledger

Lastly, if your device ever ceases to exist, it is worth mentioning that your recovery phrase will be accessible to restore access to your cryptocurrencies. 

These are part of a norm known as BIP-32. This implies that you can still type your 12 words into a compliant wallet to have exposure to your cryptocurrencies if the device is no longer around. You may also enter another wallet’s recovery phrase into the device to access your crypto. 

Note: Ledger hardware or crypto wallets don’t only create only 12-word recovery phrases. A 12, 18 or 24-word recovery phrase you got from another wallet provider may also be entered.


In conclusion, the more that people understand how recovery phrases work, the safer it is for them to store their cryptocurrency and restore funds in case of a lost device. It’s always recommended to write down the phrase correctly offline and store it in a secure location. Download the  BizzCoin wallet app now from Google Play and App Store. After all, only by being secure can you truly leverage from the benefits of cryptocurrency!

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